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1 in 5 Americans have seen the doctor about Arthritic Conditions – The Severity of Arthritis increases with age. Deal with it now. Women of average height who are overweight and lose 10 pounds or more over 10 years can cut their risk of developing Osteoarthritis by half.

Recently we received many emails regarding Arthritis. Some asked “what is Arthritis”, some asked the relation between weight loss and arthritis and some asked for natural remedy of arthritis. So we thought let’s talk about arthritis.

Obesity spreads all over the country and we hear about its danger from every day on the news. New research shows that the obese (overweight) individuals are up to four times as likely to develop knee osteoarthritis as they are to develop high blood pressure or type-2 diabetes. The danger to health and quality of life is insidious: at every stage, excess body weight both increases the level of pain and disability and undermines the effectiveness of treatment. Also, whereas high blood pressure and diabetes may be substantially improved on losing weight and are relatively easy to control with therapy, osteoarthritis is irreversible.

Importance of achieving & maintaining normal weight in arthritis

Weight Loss and ArthritisMaintaining a recommended weight or losing weight if they are overweight can lessen pain by reducing stress on the affected joints. Weight loss specifically helps ease pressure on weight-bearing joints such as the hips, knees, back and feet.

Increased body weight is a serious factor in the development of osteoarthritis (OA), particularly in the knees, which carry the brunt of weight day in and day out.  In fact, for every pound a person gains, add 3 pounds of pressure on the knees and six times the pressure on the hips. 

Since weight gain gradually increases the stress on joints, the weight gain the decade before a person has OA symptoms, particularly in middle age, plays a big role in determining if they will have OA. If the patient is overweight, work with them to devise a weight-loss plan that includes eating fewer calories and increasing physical exercise. Make sure they are getting enough nutrients to keep their body healthy and that the activities they choose don’t harm their joints.

Research has shown that losing extra weight can help people who already have osteoarthritis. 

Moreover, overweight or obese people who do not have osteoarthritis may reduce their risk of developing the disease by losing weight.

Top Three Hints & Tips

While we are unable to change some of the factors which make one susceptible to arthritis, such as age, sex and heredity, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of developing this disease by adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes ding exercise, practicing weight loss & taking a natural (herbal) safe supplement.

1- Losing weight

Natural Way for Joint Pain Treatment

Many people become less active when they develop arthritis because of pain and the fear of causing damage. This can lead to muscles becoming weaker and wasted. It also leads to increased weight gain and obesity. Weight loss can help build-up muscles, stabilize joints, and alleviate pain and stiffness in joints.

Weight loss has been shown to have significant benefits for people with arthritis, including reductions in pain and improvements in physical function, mental health, and quality of life. Excess weight puts extra stress on weight-bearing joints, especially the knees. According to a recent study, weight loss of an average of 11 pounds can reduce the risk of knee osteoarthritis by as much as 50%. Weight control can also help reduce stress on the joints and spine.

Provailen Reviews - Joint Pain Treatment

Also, regular and appropriate weight loss can have enormous benefits for people with arthritis, which include:
  • Better joint mobility and range of movement
  • Improved pain management
  • Stronger muscles and bones
  • Decreased disease progression
  • Improved energy levels and general well being
  • Improved self-esteem and feeling more positive

2-    Exercising

Regular and healthy physical activity on daily basis such as walking, cycling and swimming) to strengthen supporting muscles and maintain joint mobility improves symptoms of arthritis and has been found to be greatly helpful for many.

3-    Taking an “arthritis” diet

Diet changes may make a big difference for many patients. While losing weight has long been part of arthritis treatment, the focus is now on foods and supplements that can reduce painful inflammation.

Another strategy is to identify and avoid foods that might cause arthritis to flare up. And scientific evidence is beginning to support the use of certain supplements that can relieve pain without many of the side effects of prescription drugs.

Likewise, some early research suggests that foods high in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation and risk for arthritis pain. Also, taking ginger and glucosamine (as extracted from the shells of shellfish) and chondroitin (as derived from cow cartilage) has been found to exert strong anti-inflammatory effect in arthritis.


In short, weight control is important to people who have arthritis because extra weight puts extra pressure on some joints and can aggravate many types of arthritis. Achieving a healthy weight reduces the risk of developing the disease in the first place, relieves existing symptoms and helps to prevent further deterioration.

I hope the above basic information will help you to understand what is Arthritis. You also learnt about relation between weight loss and arthritis and why Provailen is the natural way of joint pain treatment.

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Note: This article is written in good faith. Please always consult your doctor before taking any action.