Muscle Mass Toning – Diets and Workouts

Are you frustrated when you go to Gym and don’t see any result as you expect? Sometimes, we do routine workouts and do not see any physical change. It is disappointing and discouraging. This negativity led you to extremes. So what can you do to see real results when you work out? What is relation between muscle mass toning, diets and workouts?  Is this the workout that should be blamed of alone or is it your diet?

One of the main culprit is “The diet”. It hold back 90% of the people from seeing the results that they desire.  It is easy to go to gym but eating healthy meals day in and day out is not. The healthier the diet and the more whole foods it contains the greater the positive effect there will be on the endocrine system. So the question is “what is Endocrine System?

The endocrine system is the system of glands, each of which secretes a type of hormone directly into the bloodstream to regulate the body. Although we rarely think about them, the glands of the endocrine system and the hormones they release influence almost every cell, organ, and function of our bodies. (reference )

Too  many people focus just on calories and not the source of the calories. The foods that you consume have a direct effect on the endocrine system and the endocrine system governs the human body. It will respond accordingly when healthy foods are consumed regularly and when heavily processed foods are consumed regularly. The healthier the diet the faster results of exercise will be seen

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Measure the arm at the bicep (relaxed). The thigh at largest point and eat a raw foods diet that will really trim off the puffiness and water weight.

You also need to diet as well as exercise. Eat 3 well balanced meals a day or like me I have sugar so I have to eat snacks but can still lose weight.

Most women lean toward Cardio workouts when they would get better results from increasing their muscle mass. This is done by using heavier weights with fewer reps. As their muscle mass increases it will burn more calories for them throughout the day when they are not at the gym. This factored in with a high protein diet will bring faster results.

Now you will ask, “What are reps?” Well, when you workout you do sets. Sets are a group of reps. Say you are doing sit ups. You want to do 3 sets of ten reps. so you do 10 sit ups (ten reps).

Toning your muscles requires more reps in the exercise you’re doing. Building muscles mass requires more weight during the reps. If you’re trying to tone your muscles and not build them, complete your exercise with more reps per set, rather than with more weight. For example, if you use a 30 lbs weight for your arm curl and you complete 3 sets with 8 reps in each set, use a 15-20 lbs weight and complete 3 sets with 16 reps in each set.

 “ Results don’t happen overnight”

They don’t even happen over the course of a week. It takes time to see results. Try taking a photo of yourself and marking down your current weight on the back. Follow your exercise and diet program for a full month or more. Then take another photo of yourself and notice the differences.

Patience is key…even if it causes frustration.

If you’re looking for a longer, leaner look as opposed to building muscle mass you need to move. You want to try and add some cardio along with body shaping or sculpting. There are a million cardio routines out there so pick one that works for you. When it comes to sculpting, use lighter weight and do more reps say 12-15 each exercise. If you’re trying to bulk-up, use more weight and less reps say 6-8. Whichever path you choose your last few reps should be difficult. If they’re not than adjust your weight so they are. For flexibility add some yoga and always stretch/warm-up to reduce the chance of injury.

NOTE: No body part(s) should be exercised more than 3x per week or you risk muscle damage and fatigue that will  hinder your results.

In training everybody hits plateaus, those times when we no longer see results or they are minimal at best. This is normal and frustrating. When this happens it’s time to change your routine, muscle confusion is the key!

 I would suggest that you consider modifying your routine every 4 weeks or so. The changes do not have to be drastic either, more weight or reps, adding a few minutes to your cardio routine etc.

Diet and exercise HAVE to go together if you want to see any results at all. If the commitment to diet is not there neither will the results you want. We are what we eat! Again, this varies to a great degree but a few basics,

Get your metabolism going, naturally! Eat 5-6 small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism going which in turn will help you shed fat.

Do not eat anything within the 3 hour time period before you go to bed. Hungry? Have a nice cup of hot green-tea or similar and this will help reduce your hunger pains. In addition, and here’s the great bonus to this, your body will begin to burn stored fat instead of digesting a late meal. Talk about fat-burning! This step is KEY!

If you exercise you NEED Carbs-period.  Carbs will fuel your workouts so you need them or after a while you will have no energy reserves and your workouts will become more difficult .

Regarding cardio work, it is worth noting the amount of calories that you are burning compared to the amount that you intake daily. It is difficult to lose weight by just doing cardio alone, it takes longer times or a higher intensity level to get smaller from just cardio, adjusting what you eat can have more effect in that regard.

If you are frustrated with results from lifting weights, here are few tips:

  • Coordinate your breathing with your motion inhaling during contraction of the muscle and exhaling during the release of the muscle, time the breath to flow during the whole of each motion.
  • Slow down your motion.
  • Don’t swing as you lift weights.
  • Work pulses into the motion in addition to full extension 
  • Stop at various spots during the motion for pulses and make sure that you feel from the pulse in the right part of the muscle that you are trying to work.
  • Have you tried taking walks carrying weights? 
  • Try walking 2 miles or so carrying dumb bells, as you walk do various different motions including bicep and triceps curls.

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These are a few of the basics that helped me a great deal. Again, this info is very general but I hope you found some of this helpful and good luck in meeting/exceeding your fitness goals.

I hope you got the answer of What I should do to get real muscle mass toning when we do workouts.

Note: This articles is written in good faith. Please always consult your doctor/physician before taking any action.